Promotion and Special Events

New Logos!

That’s right, I promised and now I am delivering!

I have an updated version of the Eat Sleep Ride Repeat logo that will be going on shirts etc soon, but I also have a second logo ready to go too!  Here they are:

esrr logo 1 esrr logo 2

So what does this mean for you?  Well the online store will be back running again shortly once I get my product line together.  But also, I have found some unsold 2014 shirts that I am clearing out for you bargain hunters, and some miscellaneous merchandise like new saddle pads and quarter sheets which were hiding in my basement and going to have the logos embroidered on them (very limited quantities!)

So stay tuned, there will be some fun on the horizon!


PS.  If you are a wholesaler and would like quantities of 50 T-shirts or more (any colour, either design), I will accept pre-orders at a discounted rate.  Please email me at for details.

2015 Odometer (Wed Jan 15):  

By Horse:  36.51 km

By Foot: 9.37 km


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