In my dreams… literally!

I have been struggling with what to write here, between the weather and some temporary medical issues, I am not riding, so I just don’t have much to say on a riding blog… until last night when it came to me in a dream.

Well, that’s not quite how it happened, rather I am fortunate enough to have silly, funny dreams, and be able to remember them clear as if they happened during consciousness.  So in the last few months I have had 2 very funny dreams involving Bentley that I thought might be fun enough to start your weekend out.  Beware, this gets bizarre!

Dream #1: Bentley’s Inner Self

The setting is some sort of convention, much like the Royal in 2014, but not the Royal (it looked different).  The usual horses were there: Bentley, Sable, and Angel.  I could see them off in the ring doing demos, and Bentley was in the meet and greet stall.

Then for some reason, Bentley turned into a Capuchin monkey, swinging around the stall, through the bars, and into the tack stall.  I (of course) was beside myself trying to keep him from disappearing or destroying the place.

Then he once again shape-shifted, this time into a middle-aged blonde woman.  (S)He sat me down at a table, looked me in the eye, and told me that (s)he wanted a human name, because I could see, (s)he was clearly a human on the inside, and Bentley was not a human name, and didn’t command respect.  So he wanted to be called by his REAL name, Cricklewood.

I gently reminded him that Cricklewood was also not a human name. (S)he then got very excited about picking out new names and decided on the name “Pain and Envy.”  I have to give it to him, its pretty bad-ass.

Of course, I woke up right there completely confused and amused.


Dream #2: Plenty of Poultry

The scene is at an OCTRA ride, at a water trough on a treeline in a field.  I am riding with Jess and her big gray Thoroughbred named Earl. We both dismount and eat olives.  Yes, olives.  We are also pretty pleased with ourselves as we had deemed them to be electrolyte rich or something like that.  Yup, smugly eating olives, the other riders pass by the trough declining our offer to share our olives with them.  We didn’t care that we were dropping back places because without eating olives, those other riders surely wouldn’t be able to handle the distance.  Oh and for some reason, Jess had taken off Earl’s saddle.

We tried to get the saddle on and mount, but it was difficult as our boys were not enjoying being passed by all the other horses.  Once we were mounted, we walked to let them out of our sight.  That’s when we saw it:  a wild turkey roaming the fields, with an empty KFC bucket covering its head!

We walked, watching the turkey fumble around through the fields, when we came across a field filled with hillbillies camping out.  There were even some along the ride trail.  We explained what we were doing to them, and that they probably didn’t want to keep camping out there for they may become mincemeat.  Then we saw another turkey with KFC bucket on head, beside one with a cardboard box on its head.  Apparently the hillbillies were running some sort of blind turkey fight club.

Cue alarm.  What in the beep?!?


So if any of you out there want to analyze these, be my guest!  I am going to just chock it up to maybe eating some questionable food before bed, and use it in my arsenal for laughs on a bad day.

Hope you enjoyed them too!


2015 Odometer (Thurs Jan 22):  

By Horse:  36.51 km

By Foot: 27.24 km



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