Rider - Solstice

What you need to know about Solstice

In 2017 Sarah plans to go back to complete the Mongolian derby, but this time not alone.

Sarah and I have been good friends competing side by side this year in OCTRA, in OCTRA many people know me as Solstice Pecile. I have been riding since I can remember and competing in long distance riding since I was eight years old. The first horse I competed on was a horse named Skye. She taught me so much and sadly died of colic in 2011. That same year I got a horse named Angel she is 19 this year and is still going really strong. In 2014 Angel and I got to compete in New Jersey USA. We competed in my third 75 mile ride, we completed in just less than eight hours. I was very pleased with this time because it was my fastest 75 mile ride yet.

Before I say any more I will tell you more about me. I live near Peterborough, Ontario, located on the beautiful Ganaraska Forest.  I am turning 16 years old this June. I own two bay Arabs with one foal on its way. Even though my favourite sport in the equestrian field is endurance, I also do jumping, eventing, fox hunting and probably my second favorite Extreme Cowboy. I am also in Kawartha Pony Club.  Someday I would like to compete for Canada in endurance, for example WEG, PAM AM, etc.

Last year when Sarah told me about the Mongol Derby I was instantly interested, I told her that if she ever plans on going back when I am older that I will definitely come with her. I think the part that I love the most about the Mongolian derby is riding a different breed of horse. Also I have only traveled in North America, so I will be seeing and learning new things.

I have many goals for my life and the Mongol Derby is just one of them. As a saying in long distance riding “to finish is to win,” this is what I hope on doing in the Mongol Derby. I have talked to Sarah a lot about this race and know that there is almost no chance at all in winning, but winning is not what I care about: Sarah and I want to go there to complete and have the time of our lives.

– Solstice