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Expecting: 2015

This April I am expecting my first foal, its registered name will be “SP Infinite Wish.” Since I could remember I have always wanted a foal, but of course the thing you want most in life you can’t have. My mom had tried twice with no luck. The first horse she tried to breed was the horse I learned how to do endurance on; sadly she was hypo-thyroid and lost the foal at two months. The next horse we tried to breed was bred twice and didn’t catch; she was a thoroughbred-Quarterhorse cross.

SP Infinite Wish in utero


          This foal will be half Arab, half paint; the dam being the paint and stallion being Arab. The stallions name is Infinity-Z he is a 1994 Bay Arabian Stallion, 15H. The stallion he was out of is Eternety the mare he was out of is Ksabaj. When we went to look at the stallion, he was a complete gentleman; anyone could pet him and he was just an awesome horse, we knew he was the one. The mare is named Rip My Fancy Jeans. She is a black and white paint pony born in 2008 and is 13.3H.

Rip My Fancy Jeans



         Fancy is about six weeks away from having her foal. She is expected to foal on the week of April 15, 2015. Now that you know all the information do you want to guess what the foal will be? Filly or colt? Any markings on the face or legs? What will its colour? What date and time? Or anything else you can think of. Have fun guessing!