Iceland 2015

Sarah is once again off to new adventures in 2015


Well it was bound to happen… another adventure in an exotic land on horseback!

Those who have done the derby know that getting it done (or not!) doesn’t seem to get the “bug” out of your system.  No, if anything it brings you into a cult, with equally crazy folks feeding an expensive and dangerous addiction.  Thats how I found myself booking flights and hotels once again for an adventure, without the least bit of convincing needed.

So end of July and early August, I will be taking off, with a group of 2014 and earlier Derby riders, to Iceland!  Anita has been generous enough to make arrangements for us to ride 6 days, 40-50km per day, herding the Icelandic horses across the country.  How exciting is that!

I always promise you, the readers, that I will find something interesting to write about, so look forward to this story, and lots of accompanying media later this summer and fall!

In the meantime, help me get there by cruising over to my online store!



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