Rider - Solstice

Dentist time

It started as a normal day, but everything changed.  It started with a “Chomp” and then a “Crack”. She had blood in her mouth, she couldn’t eat.   My horse cracked her tooth… on what? We don’t know, but we were lucky enough to see her spit out her tooth.


On Sunday our dentist came to fix her up. She started by giving her a sedative to make her clam down and relax. Angel hates needles, but she didn’t even feel it go in. Within 20 seconds she was starting to drop her head and relax. We waited a little longer just to make sure she was fooling us.


We put the halter on and the dentist checked to see where the cracked tooth came from. She figured out it was on Angels bottom left tooth, in the back of her mouth. Even though the crack was fairly big it had not gone into soft tissue yet; this means she was not in pain. The vet got everything done and in the proper place. She worked on the front teeth; which was simple.



When the dentist was done doing her teeth Angel was very wobbly. She didn’t exactly know what to do. The dentist said she will be herself again in about an hour. When she came out of it she was a very happy horse.

Right after


After an hour




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