Rider - Solstice

The expected surprise

           Waiting, waiting and more waiting, until poof… a foal! On Wednesday the 22 of April 2015 my foal decided to come in this world. Sadly I was not able to see the birth, since it was so early in the morning. Our guess was that it came around three in the morning, which is very normal. When my mom went outside to do chores she knew the foal was born, the whole farm was acting different.

29.04.2015 074

            When I got outside the little boy was standing and licked clean; still a little unsteady, but wouldn’t you be 11 months in a small space with no need to use energy to stand? Fancy is such a good mom she did everything by herself. So as you can see in the picture he is a dun. I think that his barn name is going to be Prince.

29.04.2015 084

29.04.2015 072

            The vet came out for his check up to make sure everything was healthy for both him and his mom. Everything was good physically with both of them, other than when he came out Fancy ripped a bit. The vet said that she has seen a lot worst and that she will heal by herself. The vet also checked the placenta witch was perfect: no pieces still inside of the mare. Lastly she took blood from my little baby to do an IgG test. He didn’t even flinch when the needle went in, he’s a pro already. Just so everyone knows an IgG test is where they check how many anti-bodies the horse has because after a day of life they can’t absorb any more from the milk. If they don’t have any anti-bodies then there is a great chance of the foal is going to get sick. We got a call later that day saying that the IgG test was great.

29.04.2015 076

            My foal is a happy healthy little guy. He has been able to get outside most days and he loves it. He does have an attitude though not as much with people more with his mom. He will put his ear back and rear up and bucks at her, she mostly just ignores it. Hope everyone has been able to ride a bunch with all the nice weather. I know I have been out a lot, when you are reading this I will be packing for a competition. .



29.04.2015 097

29.04.2015 082

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