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Cayuse Canter – Solstice

The Victoria Day weekend ride (Cayuse Canter) was a great success. My whole family had a great ride on the Saturday, we did the 12 mile set speed. My family got two grade ones in total.

cayusa canter ipod 004
getting ready for the Saturday Set Speed

cayusa canter ipod 006

On Sunday was my 50 mile ride. The start time was a little later then I wanted, the ride started at 8 and we were off. I did the first loop with Sarah, but at the end of the loop she got off to walk in so I continued on. On the first loop Bob Gielen caught up with Sarah and I so Bob rode into the vet check with me. The first loop was 15 miles, the second loop was 20 miles and the final loop was 17 miles. Bob and I left at the same time for the second loop, it seemed like the 20 miles went on forever.

cayusa canter ipod 008
Angel eating her food

When we finally got in from the second loop I pulsed in about a minute before Bob. I headed out on the last loop and he caught up very fast, so we could ride together. Sadly the blue loop wasn’t marked as well as the other ones. We went off trail about 5 times and about two miles from the finish Michelle Watling caught up. We decided that we weren’t going to race all three of us tied for first.

When I weighed in for BC I weighed 196 pounds. I was in shock because at Aprilfest I was about 140 pounds. We figured out that the scale was reading about 50 pounds with nothing on it. At awards I received high vet score and AHA champion.

Big congrats to a good friend of mine Emma Knapper. Both her horse and her have only done two 50s  (including this one) in their Endurance career. This ride was both of their first OCTRA ride of the season and they did a 50. Great job to both her and her horse. Was very glad that I had Monday off to rest up and get ready for school the next day.

Angel with all her energy at the end of the ride




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