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2015 Horse Day in Toronto

Toronto Horse Day, bringing equine to the city.

The day before Toronto horse day I washed Angel and got her all beautiful to represent OCTRA. We left our farm Saturday morning around 7:30. We got to the event at 9:20 because of traffic. I did a little practice run around the ring and then set up our booth.

toronto horse day ipod 015
OCTRA booth
toronto horse day ipod 016
beside Angel’s stall

Angel is very good, but after a while she started to get impatient and wanted to get out of the stall. OEF did a great job in spacing are times out. Our two presentation times were at 1 o’clock and 3:30, they were both 15 minutes long. We had many comments about how much people liked the Ride’N’Tie demo.

toronto horse day ipod 024
presentation schedule
toronto horse day ipod 018
Marie, Angel and Tashi talking to the public

I had a lot of help from my mom and my friends, Marie and Tashi. I was also lucky enough to be beside the Arab booth. Charlie (an OCTRA member) was representing the Arabs and did a great liberty presentation.

Charlie and her two Arabs
In the presentation ring with Angel
Marie on Angel and I running behind in the Ride’N’Tie demo

Some great news was that there were people that didn’t know what OCTRA was. They have children; they have horses and are very excited to get their children into long distance riding. For three years I have done Toronto horse day and this year was the best. Organization was great, they always stayed on time, there were many different booths and my presentation was rock solid and very informative. I hope that if u didn’t get to go this year that next year you can.



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