But does it come in pink?

This year,August 22nd brings the annual Trail Ride for Breast Cancer in the Dufferin Forest.  I (Sarah) will be attending, donned in pink… with some added pink to the very fashion conscious Bentley.  You just know he rocks it.

So with that, I will be placing a special order of shirts in pink to have ready for pickup and sales at the event.  I will be donating 10% of my sales to the ride – both online before, and in cash at the ride!  Limited stock will be available however, so if you have something you are really yearning for, I recommend you pre-order.

Pre-order deadline is July 25. So you have over a month to decide what you want and pick the spare change out of the couch.


On a related note, I want to announce more exciting “sales” type news.

Great Leads N’ Reins will be helping me out by selling the ESRR gear at the OCTRA rides!  I am very thankful that Kate will be helping me out, its tough to sell and ride, so now I can focus just on the riding part.  What a relief!

Guess what… this will be starting TODAY.  Yes today!  She is set up at the OCTRA ride in the Dufferin Forest – Summer Solstice.

Kate and her husband make the most beautiful biothane and yacht rope tack.  Everything is custom made for you, and I am saving my pennies for a nice new hackamore set (along with Iceland, Mongol Derby, Sandymont… oh my!).  Take a stop by their trailer, and notice how beautiful an ESRR shirt would look paired with new biothane reins, bridle, breastplate… you get the drift.  And if you feel extra generous, Bentley would like a hack set in black/red horse size 😉




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