Endurance Racing, Rider - Solstice

Coates creek – Solstice

The journey to the ride site didn’t not start well. We were headed off to the ride Friday so we could be there a day before, instead of rushing the day of the competition. We started off around 12:30 and about one mile from my house the truck towing the living trailer turned off. Just all of a sudden it just turned off as though someone turned the key; we were stuck on the side of the road for about half an hour. Then truck finally just turned back on, so we headed down the road with doubt in all of our minds.

We got to the ride site with no more problems and set up. Friday before dark, it was very hot so we were wondering what we should put on the horses (as in blankets). We decided on the rain sheets and it was a good thing as it got cold overnight. We were all very happy we drove up the day before because we didn’t have to rush to do everything, unlike everyone else that were pulling in the morning of the competition.

We got our out time for 12:15 and vetted the horses. We tacked them up a little early so they could limber up and ride around to get the spooks out of them. We figured out that going seven miles an hour over 16 miles with a vet hold that we couldn’t be in earlier then 4:13. Our time in was perfect, both horses got a grade one and Desi got best condition. We had a bunch of people over in our trailer at night to talk about things. When everyone went back to their own trailer I got my bed ready and set my alarm for six the next day.

I did a 40 mile ride on Sunday. The first two loops were fast, but it’s good training for Kentucky. I had to slow down a little for the last late, but that was fine since it was in the heat of the day. I absolutely love rides that start early and end early. I finished at 1:50 and got a 42 bpm after 30 minutes. It wasn’t Angel’s normal, but it was hot so I was happy with it. We got all packed up and ready to leave so that once we were done our supper and got our awards we could head out. I got a grade one and my other horse competing also got a grade one. We headed out and decided to take the Orillia way to get home. When we were about half way home there was an accident that would have delayed us for hours, so we quickly turn to another road. It added about 30 minutes onto our drive time, but we weren’t waiting in line to get past the accident so it was alright. We finally got home at 9:30 at night witch was actually really good because usually we get home from competition at around 11pm.

view on he way home
view on he way home

As you are reading this I will be in Kentucky, competing for young riders. More post to come about my adventures down there, but for now all I can tell you is it will be a competition like no other.



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