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The Road to Kentucky – Solstice

We left for Kentucky around 1 on Sunday the 12. We got to Deb McBrides at around 3:30 and put Angel out in the field to stretch her legs. Emma Webb who was grooming for us got to Deb’s around 4:30 to meet us so we could head off to Kentucky. The border crossing was good for the most part:  We didn’t have to wait at all, but when we got to the man he asked a lot of questions. We finally got though and decided to get something for supper since we crossed the border around 7.

It was about 1:30 in the morning when we got to our rest spot. The lady was so nice for getting up to show us everything. Angel settled in no problem and we got our bedding so we could get a rest for the next day. I woke up around 7:30, but tried to sleep for an hour longer. When I got up I took a quick shower and went out to help Emma walk my horse. We loaded up and we’re off again. We typed the horse park into the GPS and it said 2hr and 30 minutes longer. We were all very happy because the day before was a very long drive. The GPS was apparently taking us on the no food route because for about an hour driving there was only one food place that wasn’t even open. We got to I-75 and found a place to eat.

Barns at Kentucky Horse Park
Barns at Kentucky Horse Park
My rider badge for the event.
My rider badge for the event.

We got to Kentucky horse park around 1:30 and settled Angel in. It was pretty hot and yucky when we got to the camp. About two hours later there was a storm that cooled off Kentucky. Emma and I got the bikes out of the trailer and we have been riding around the camp. I want to go see the eventing course, but I don’t know if I can or not. If I get to go then much more pictures to come.



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