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What did i sign myself up for?

Getting excited? Scared? Have too many things to do? Won’t get it all done in time? All these things and much more go through the minds of ride management. Unless you have been or you are a ride manager for a competition you just can’t understand how much stress goes into hosting a ride to make it a success. Now I know I’m not the ride manager for the Summer’s End ride, but I still have a bunch of jobs to do. I have to mark trail up to the date of the ride, fill out vet cards for entries, register people and much more. I almost forgot to also take care of myself, do all my regular chores and have a life? To make it worse my mom is the ride manager; just a little background information, SHE IS A PERFECTIONIST. So to sum up that last sentence it feels like I can never, I mean NEVER do ANYTHING RIGHT! This will be our 5th year doing this ride and we hope it’s better than ever. At the moment we have about 20 entries on paper with lots of people saying they are coming. I have an amazing neighbour Olga Chernuck who has asked around for property to get more land to have trail on. So now we have enough property to get a 16 mile loop to make 32miles and hopefully in a couple of years 50miles. So I would like to send a big thanks to Olga for contacting all of these land owners. From all of the ride management we would like everyone to come and have a great time at our 2015 Summer’s End ride.


Here is the ride flyer if anyone is interested in volunteering or riding please contact us.



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