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Summer’s End Ride 2015

This year’s ride was a big success. We had 46 entries which is more than we have ever had. The first person showed up on site around afternoon on Friday. Luckily the entire trail had been finished on Thursday, so only checking the marking was left to do. Saturday was the clinic and as well when most people arrived. A big thanks to all the people that spoke at the clinic for making it a great learning experience. Sunday was an earlier morning than usual because at the moment there’s no school to wake up for.

When all my morning chores were done I went out at 7:30 in the morning to check trail. This is also when I did my first loop of my 25 mile ride. There were only a couple of spots that someone had either pulled down ribbons or it had blown down. When people pull down ribbons and marking signs it frustrates me because I put a lot of work into getting everything put up to make sure nobody gets lost.

I came in from my first loop when most people were going out and Desi was great! She pulsed down perfectly and trotted out fine. I went out for my second loop and other then my panic attack about when I was supposed to come in I had a great ride. I love endurance so much better then set speed, it’s just so much more stress. Desi got a 37 BPM for her 30 minutes pulse after the finish and was put back in her paddock with lots more energy to go again.

After my ride I was on scribe and pulse time duty. I love scribing for the most part, but when there is a million questions being throwing at you to answer at the same time it gets a little stressful. After most of the horses were done I got to do the awful job of figuring out what the awards are going to be given out for. It’s not as easy as it sounds you have to make sure none of the prizes overlap and that everyone gets the right thing when you are on a time limit. Overall I think everyone had a great time and I hope everyone comes back next year. I also want to thank my friends Tanis and Olivia that helped me out a lot with marking trail, love you guys.



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