No horse, no problem! – Sarah

Before I get into my tales of Iceland, I am going to talk rides as they come (otherwise I am likely to forget everything!)

Solstice was not the only ESRR rider at Summer’s End ride 2 weeks ago.  I had landed back in Toronto on Friday afternoon, went out for lunch with my sister, and went immediately to bed.  Upon waking (at 4am thanks to jet lag), I got to work on my laundry and etc, waiting for when Linda would pick me up – yes, I had scheduled myself to go to the ride a few short hours after landing.  Thankfully, I was wise enough not to try and take my own horse, rather go and see what happens – ride, volunteer, whatever!

We went to Linda’s barn and we took turns riding her horse Jack.  I set the stirrups where I thought they should go… but still felt like a jockey.  Riding in Iceland, we had very long stirrups – almost straight leg.  It was a bit of an adjustment back!

Then we headed out and swapped tales from the last few weeks.  We arrived at Solstice’s and they set up camp.  I was very happy to hear that they had arranged for a bed in the house for me to stay, and after a good BBQ dinner, I went right to bed (about 7pm of course!)

Another early morning, and I had been assigned to scribe for the Control Judges.  Funny part about that, I was the only one for 3 judges!  It started off ok, nice and slow as people got ready to go out, but as riders started to come in, it turned me into a crazy person!  Running, and shouting “I’ll be there right away!”

Eventually, I gave up and stuck with Deanna, who had an injured hand, so I decided she needed the scribe the most.  As the day wound up, more finished or pulled riders joined the team so it was not so crazy.  Boy did the day ever pass quickly!

If you have never volunteered at a ride before, I highly recommend it – especially if you can be a scribe.  Each time I do it, I learn more from the vets and riders that I can bring home to my own practice.   Plus, you get fed!  Do it before you start endurance riding, and go for refresher courses frequently! You won’t be sorry.

Unfortunately Linda’s horse was pulled for lameness (seriously, is this the summer of lameness?  Because we have all been struck at least once this year!) so we had to leave early.  I don’t know who placed where, but I did get to bring a lot of smiling faces through the vet checks, and hopefully help make their rides even better.


2 thoughts on “No horse, no problem! – Sarah”

  1. when will the online store be open again? I was at the ride but didn’t bring plastic with me to purchase a shirt. would love a Tee!


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