Endurance Racing, Rider - Solstice

all the way from HOT to WET

I had to work on Friday so we weren’t able to leave for the ride until Saturday morning. So we left Saturday morning around 7 with about a four hours’ drive ahead of us. We got to the ride site around 11 and got all settled in. Both Desi and Liza had bad gut sounds, but it wasn’t that bad considering they didn’t eat that much on the journey to the ride. So we both were able to start.

Unfortunately on both loops it was very hot, I think it was around 35˚C. My first loop was good except for getting lost once. The second loop at about 4 miles from home it started to downpour and I got soaked. I don’t think that I have ever been that wet before. There were puddles in my shoes, my jodhpurs were plastered to my legs, my shirt was flopping wet everywhere and many other things. I got in finally and vetted my horse out with a 36 heart rate, which I was very proud of considering the heat.

My mom also finished with her horse Liza, which was very important because she is now 2 miles away from 500 miles. I planned on riding on Sunday, but because of the rain I decided not to. The trails up at Massie are very technical and if wet they can be very slippery even when they are dry. I figured Desi did a good job and I still want her for Octoberfest so one day was enough.

We left the ride site around 3 and got home around 8. Now school yuck. If you don’t know already, I HATE SCHOOL!!! I guess I learn stuff at school, but I learn so much more at home.



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