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A Weekend of Excitement

Saturday I had a local horse fair so I brought my mom’s paint to jump and do some flat classes. I got 1st in showmanship and equitation, 2nd in working hunter and 3rd in both equitation over fences and pleasure. It was a fun change from my regular endurance race weekend. Then on Sunday I went to the beaver meadow foxhunt. In the hunt there are three fields (speeds). Frist field is the fastest pace, does jumping and is usually just a bit behind the hounds. Second field is a bit slower and you might pass jumps, but most likely won’t do them. Third field is the slowest field that mostly does walk and some trot, it is good to train horses or just get them used to the environment.

I took Angel in second field for her first hunt. She was very good for not being racy but she was every excited sometimes. We got about an hour until we were going to head home and there was a jump on the trail and it wasn’t too big so I wanted to try it. I was about third strides before the jump and Angel leaped sideways. She apparently saw a way around the jump, so she decided to go through small trees that were only about two feet apart. So my one leg got taken off my horse almost like I was dismounting. Most times my falls are slow motion, but this fall was in a blink of an eye I was on my horse and then I was on the ground without a chance to do anything. I was so mad at Angel not because I was hurt or anything, but let me fall on the ground and I got dirty. Like are you kidding me I’m only in my show clothing, ya let’s just dump Solstice in the dirt, that’s great, thanks.

After the accident at the jump we continued on and decided that we were going to switch to the first field since they were just a bit ahead of us. Since the first field is usually really close to the hounds we got closer to them and hounds started running out of the forest and my horses didn’t know what to think. She started running sideways and I lost a stirrup, I was not ready to fall off twice in one day so I clung with my legs as hard as I could. My horse thankfully only jumped sideways a bit so I was quickly able to regain my stirrup.

We continued on with the first field and they got up to a coop that you had to jump. You had to jump the coop (about 2”6) because if you didn’t you would run though wire. Angel is not that good of a jumper and because of the accident of before I was shaking I was so scared. All that was going through my head was that I was going to kill both myself and my horse, this was definitely the end. I waited until I was one of the last one and I cantered up three, two, I pulled her to a stopped since she was headed to the wire. I waited for a couple more riders to go. When we were waiting for someone to jump their horse ran to the side and got tangled in the wire. Luckily it wasn’t hot and it was only a single thread of wire. I tried again when she had gotten though and Angel hopped right over, I think she knew she was going to be left behind. Then the stable mate of Angel, Desi hopped right over behind her.

So as you can imagine if you have to jump into the field, yes you guessed it right you have to jump out. Unfortunately for us the coop was larger about 3”, let me just remind you again ANGEL DOES NOT JUMP. The only option was either to try it or to go back the way we came and jump the 2”6 one that was on a bad angle. So I tried the jump once and my horse stopped, Desi also stopped a stride before the jump. Desi doesn’t like jumping scary things if you are on her back, but if you get off and jump it with her she hops right over. So as Desi stalled right before the jump I just yelled at her to get over and from a stand still she hooped over it. Since Angel didn’t want to be left behind she jumped over like it was nothing. There was only one other horse left to jump the coop so we waited form them to finally get over the jump.

This weekend was very full of excitement and different experiences. Now back to school again and surprisingly it has actually gone really fast. It’s both scary and exciting. Scary because I don’t know how my future will be, but exciting because who likes the boring same life every day.



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