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Riding in Iceland – Day 2, horse 2 – Sarah


I could stand here forever.  With the view and the horses munching peacefully around the rocks on the mountainside, I really could!

I did get to stand and enjoy the scenery for a while actually.  Whenever we would stop to switch horses, we would bring out the magic string.  It holds magical properties which keep horses contained.  Seriously, break out a string and the horses wont dare wandering off!  I was the connector of strings at this point, placing myself halfway up the mountainside on a giant rock with the end of a string in either hand.

I was one of the last to receive my horse, and Anita handed to me another pinto – more chestnut this time, with a lot of grey on his face and stated with some cheekiness “this is Klaus, he is REALLY old!”

Klaus - the master
Klaus – the master

Klaus looked a lot like an old school pony that I couldnt place my finger on.  I think perhaps everyone had a Klaus at one point as we all recognized him as if he was part of a previous life.  An old trooper with a gentle spirit, perfect for kids to take their first four-beated steps aboard.  Riding Klaus was NOT to be taken as an insult, rather with an age about equivalent to mine, riding Klaus was a privilege.  If you were quiet enough, you could hear the whispers of his stories about the fairies and trolls he has met along the way.

Klaus was my first real back of the pack horse.  He liked to be WAY back.  Poor fellow was pretty tired already, 2 full(sih) days of work and just being so old.  However, he trucked along with a happy attitude, close enough to stay in sight of the herd, but we certainly werent about to take off after any loose horses.  We got it done and he always tried his hardest.  What a lovely guy.

Nice part was too that he didnt seem to care about the selfie stick, so I was able to get some footage that way!

We worked our way down into a beautiful valley with a trickle of river running through it.  Every turn was more beautiful than the last.  The view from the back was wonderful… it was nice to see everyone ahead of me making their way through the pass.

Then we started to go up, and up, and up.  Klaus picked his way through the rocks like the expert he was, and we were greeted with a steep mountain pass: mountain to the right of us, and deep deep valley to the left.


We wound around the mountain pass, peering over the edge.  Eventually, the hills opened up, and we caught sight of our final stop of the day: an absolutely beautiful freshwater lake cradled in mountains.


At the bottom, we were met with a paddock for the horses, as well as the cosiest sheep herding cabin we could imagine.  It was such a beautiful little spot.  We settled into the cabin, which was a horseshoe shape, where we could lie our mattress out in a semicircle.  We had 17 or 18 people all cuddled up together, settled in for a fun sleepover style night – we laughed until we were all sound asleep.

DSCF9493 DSCF9491



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