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Riding in Iceland – Day 3, Part 1 – Sarah

We woke up on the morning of Day 3 to a heavy fog with a bit of drizzle.  We suspected it would be a rainy day so we fished out our rain pants, me having brought an extra, shared with Katja.  We were matching blondes, in matching white rain pants, with matching black and white pinto horses.  Very cute, mandatory selfie there!


Musse makes a great post as we say one final farewell to our cabin

My “matching pinto” was Oliver again.  Knowing he was a bold and forward horse, I went right up to the front, ready to tackle the day.

Oliver ate up the road, he just has endless energy and enthusiasm.  What a lovely horse.  We travelled along the dirt road for a while, skirting the lake that we had viewed from our cabin the previous night.  Crossing more streams, climbing up the sides of rocky hills and lush grassy lands.

I believe it was during this leg when we thought we lost Halli, our lead guide.  We were riding down a grassy hill, with springs hidden amongst the greenery, when “whump” Halli and his horse disappeared, the sight of hooves in the air.  His horse scrambled up and skittered off a bit of a distance, and time stood still for that endless moment…  but then “pop” up appears Halli, smile on his face, cigarette still in his mouth.  No worse for wear.  Nothing phases this man, he’s truly remarkable!

He walked over to his horse, mounted on, and we carried on like nothing happened (except to warn riders behind about the giant horse eating hole to the right).

We eventually made our way back to another dirt road and followed it for a while.  At this point, I was having fond thoughts about my diaper rash cream back in my bags, packed on our bus.  I was not used to sitting so much!  Thankfully, Oliver had settled into a nice trot and I was able to relive myself a bit with the tiniest posting trot ever.

We came up to our first resting spot for the day, a beautiful cabin and barn nestled at the base of a small but rocky mountain.  We corralled the horses, I dismounted and removed the tack, and gave Oliver one last scratch while his ears flopped around happily.  What a cutie.

The sun had come back out. We set to work napping and snacking in the sunshine as was now the usual routine at these rest stops.  Rest up, more horses to come!



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