Where has the year gone?

The last ride of the year was Octoberfest, the first weekend of October. I think back at my whole season and wonder, “Where did the year go?” It seems like only a couple months ago my foal was born; only a couple weeks ago it was my birthday ride, and then only a couple days ago I started school. It’s good that it’s all gone by fast because some days are bad, but some days are great and I want it to last forever. I always use to think that in grade 11 and 12 life was going to be perfect just like all the movies say. Yes, I guess it’s nice being the older ones in the school because high school is supposed to be all that and more. Right!? Well let me tell you it’s not, I’m terrified about going to university. I have no clue what I want to be or what I want to do. I’m honestly at the point where I would like someone to pick my career path for me because I have no clue.

Anyways back to the last ride of the season, it was great. We got to the ride site Friday afternoon and set up. The whole weekend was pretty windy and cold luckily it didn’t rain. We had blankets on for almost all of the weekend unless we were riding. On Saturday my mom rode Liza in the set speed that was 14 miles. For my mom these 14 miles were mandatory because she was only 2 miles away from having 500 miles. Luckily everything went great and she competed without any problems. So she will get her 500 mile plaque this year at the award banquet.

Sunday was the endurance ride. The front runners ran out of camp and then we followed them, trying to keep our pace slow enough that the horses will still have energy at the end of the 50. The first loop I had a disaster, I was trotting down the trail and I felt really cool on my thigh. I reached down to feel my skin instead of riding pants. I looked down and saw a huge rip in my pants right where my underwear was. I came into camp grabbing my crotch so no one would see the rip. I’m sure I looked weird, but that better than having nothing, but underwear to see.

Second loop unfortunately was where we ran into a problem at the vet check; Angel wasn’t eating which meant she didn’t have any gut sounds. So we had to slow down a bit. After the third loop was done everything had sorted itself out and the vet said she looked great. The last loop was great and I was glad to be done after that because I was cold and just wanted to go to sleep.

At the awards both my horses tied for 5th place and Desi got high vet score even though she was tired. It was a great last ride and now I’m at 2000 miles with Angel being at 1500 miles. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my winter. Less riding, no competition, hopefully it’s not a long winter.



1 thought on “Where has the year gone?”

  1. Hi Sarah, I was next to you at the Caledon Tack Swap, did you leave behind you tripod cloths rack as I have one in a box found there. I will be going to Georgetown this coming week.


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