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Wine and ponies! – Ashley

I’m pretty sure my sense of adventure runs in my family as my mother informed me a few weeks ago that she would like to do a seven day ride in the Rocky Mountains this upcoming summer (to which I responded yes (of course!) when she asked if I would like to join her). Since my mother is not a regular rider (she hasn’t been on a horse in almost 10 years), she smartly decided that she needed to get herself prepared to do this long ride and asked me to invite her along on any trail rides I happened to be partaking in. Although I am not currently an active member of any one particular hunt, I do cap (ride as a guest) and participate in fundraising events for a few of the various hunt clubs in my area. The Hamilton Hunt Club has been holding a wine ride in the Niagara region in the spring for the past few years, which I have regularly enjoyed, however due to an overwhelming interest, they decided to hold a fall one this year. Wine and ponies; it doesn’t get any better!
The day of the ride was extremely windy but warm. Considering we had received some heavy rains in the days leading up to the ride, the weather couldn’t have been better. After tacking up, we were divided into groups depending on what speed people wanted to travel at. I was able to borrow my friend’s lovely Canadian gelding Houston so my mother could ride Splash. Splash is an extremely reliable trail horse so I wasn’t worried about any issues but we opted to ride in the walk-only group to ease my mother back into riding. Our ride departed from Hernder Estates Winery and from there we rode through the vineyards to Henry of Pelham for our first wine tasting. We were able to taste four different wines (a rosé, a white, a red, and a red blend). All were extremely delicious! From there, the groups went on various trails at Short Hills Provincial Park (one of the few provincial parks to allow horses on the trails). Our ride was cut a little short due to a late departure but the scenery was nice nevertheless. From the park, we rode back to Hernder Estates where we untacked and put the horses up while we enjoyed a delicious catered lunch along with some more wine. Along with some raffle prizes, all attendees were given a certificate for a free cap with the Hamilton Hunt Club (which I will take them up on and you’ll get to hear all about it in my next post!)


photo credit to Susan Partridge


photo credit to Susan Partridge


photo credit to Susan Partridge



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