Iceland 2015

Riding in Iceland – Day 3, Horse 4

Yes, you heard it right.  Four horses this day.  The most horse swaps of any of the days we rode.

At our next exchange, I was handed a tall plain bay gelding with a very soft eye, and very fluffy mane. I was told his name was Vitringur, and Sam, who had ridden him once previously said it meant “Ice Man”.

Short leg across mostly grassy hills and fields.  He was a welcome change to the other horses I had already ridden.  If you have been following along, you can probably tell I loved every horse that was given to me to ride, but Vitringur was different because he cantered – a gait that I had dearly missed.  It was so nice to switch to a gentle rock over the vibration of tolt and trot.  He also was very fine tuned – he had more buttons than just start, stop, left, right.  I was able to collect him and bend him, and put him anywhere I wanted.  He really respected his rider, and again I felt like a rider instead of a passenger.


We cantered and trotted merrily along in the back, unfortunately only 7.5km – wished it could have been longer!  We came to the place they would be staying for the night.  It was at the foot of this enormous black crevice.  It was very surreal… it looked like it should be filled with monsters.  Thankfully, none of the monsters escaped, but I did have my first spook as Vitringur saw a scary rope as we corralled the other horses.  It was surprising and funny, as it took to the end of day 3 for me to have an Icelandic horse spook with me.  Bentley, take note.

We put away our gear and climbed on to a very retro looking bus, which would take us to the HOTEL where we would be staying that night.


We had a great laugh at the back of the bus when the air from underneath began to lift up an access panel in the aisle, the panel floating and bobbing and thumping as though we were about to be hijacked by trolls.  Halli tossed his jacket on top.  No trolls were going to get US tonight!

We arrived at the hotel and settled into our dorm style room.  We all had lovely beds and enjoyed once again being able to stay all together.  That’s half the fun of the trip, the slumber parties!  We also all enjoyed showers, though they did seem a little strange to us that it was a 2 person shower to be shared by all.  Now washed up, we enjoyed a lovely fish dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, and the most refreshing cider I have ever tried.


Over dinner, our hosts asked us to write down the names of our top 2 horse picks for riding on the beach tomorrow (and then had a great laugh while they tried to figure out what we actually wrote down).

I picked Vitringur as my # 1 and Balti as my #2 (though at the time I thought it should be spelled something along the lines of Bushti haha).  Sam had also picked Vitringur but as her second pick, and it was at that time we learned that it didn’t mean “Ice Man” but rather “Wise Man”  OOPS!  Sorry Vitringur, Ice Man did make sense in our heads though!

Anyway, since Sam had another first pick, I would be riding Vitringur on the beach (and we wouldn’t have to wrestle it out).  He was my pick because although I suspected him to be a teeny bit green (based on his spook), I thought it would be great fun to have a horse that cantered on the beach, and I really did want more time with him!

Funny thing is, only 2 horses had to be negotiated for.  We all had our own unique tastes in the horses, and everyone found something they loved!



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