Lazy Days of Fall – Sarah

With the ride season at a close (I hope you enjoyed my recap of Oktoberfest as a grand finale here), what is a rider to do?

Well, first off, you must allow your horse to get fat and hairy.  We do this by ambling out in our rides, finding an apple tree, and parking ourselves there for about ten minutes while the piggly gray horse bobs for the sweet stuff hanging for the trees (cue laughing ab workout for riders)


Also have been partaking in No Stirrups November by removing my stirrups entirely, yes, a little over enthusiastic, but its good for me right!?  Unfortunately/thankfully, it has been quite rainy and I havent been able to ride much this month.  It might have to stretch into December to be fair.

We did have a bit of a scary run in with hunters too (a day before the stirrups were removed).  I had ridden over to Karen’s place and back for the day (which involves going through Dufferin forest and several private properties).  I was surprised when I ran into hunters right on the trail home… right as they pulled the trigger.  Bang!  Then ringgggggggg (ears).  I decided to try another route home so as not to ride right through their camp, and promptly got lost and required a lot of bushwhacking to find a trail that was heading the direction I needed to go.  Thank goodness I was wearing obnoxious red breeches and neon yellow safety vest, it could have been me!

I was so proud of Bentley, I was the one who jumped sky high when the gun went off in front of us.  He kept his cool, but picked up the pace, eager to find a way home because the lady atop was shaking.

We did eventually run into the hunters again at a different spot (who although I was on their property were very kind do me, likely knowing that they were a day too early for hunt season) and helped me find my way to a hole in the fenceline.

A week or two later, Carol, Laura and I saw a young buck on our ride (our first time seeing out out there!) and were happy to know that not all of the deer had succumbed to the hunters.

I also took Long Suffering Lee to the Royal one weekend, he enjoys watching jumping, so long as its not me doing it.  When asked what his favourite part of the horse show was, he replied “The advertisement on the big screen where the horses were sewing the horse blankets”  Oh well.

So there you have it, while the riding may be pared down significantly for now, we still are finding ways to entertain ourselves and keep busy!


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