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Royal part 2

Three days at the royal and I still have mixed feeling about leaving and coming back next year. Don’t get me wrong I love the royal, but after three days I’m tired and even though I love the presentations I want a break. So let me begin with my 2015 royal excitement.

royal 052

We got to the royal on Thursday late at 10:30. We put Angel in her stall after it was all made up for her to sleep, I started closing the door and all of a sudden the door made a bang. I looked up to see the stall was put together incorrectly, I asked around to see if anyone had the tools to fix it, but no one did.

Someone went over to the cow barn to get someone to fix the stall. The guy that ended up coming over was drunk. As well, since it was so late, the security guard was there. The security guard had an accent so it was hard to understand him. The security guard was saying over and over what the problem was that we had already figured out about ten minutes before that. The drunk guy was yelling at the security guard for putting the stall up wrong, which the security guard hadn’t even put together. So the stall ended up getting fixed after many words I don’t think I should repeat and we put Angel in her stall for the night. We didn’t end up getting to sleep until around 1:30 in the morning.

royal 055

Friday we woke up with a text from Linda saying she was at the booth, we made our way to the booth and tacked up Angel to go for a quick morning ride. We got everything ready for the public and did our presentations for the day. At night I went for another quick ride just to get Angel moving out after being in a stall the whole day. I went in to the ring and there was another rider in the ring, so I went in just staying out of the way of the other rider. She was a rider for the hunter clinic on Saturday, so she wanted to bring the jumps out to practice to make sure everything was good.

royal 060

They started moving the jumps and someone came in telling them not to touch the jumps. They didn’t listen and brought the jumps out the people came back and they got in trouble. Since I was in the ring they thought I was part of it so they stayed for a while to make sure I wasn’t going to touch the jumps. All I wanted to do was work on flat stuff and they were really impressed riding bareback with no reins. Linda was with me and explained to them that I just enjoy riding inside because I don’t have an indoor arena; and really I don’t even have a sand ring, lol. They were in shock that I didn’t even have a ring and left after realizing I wasn’t part of the jumping.

Saturday was a fairly uneventful day, but Sunday unfortunately I got food poisoning which sucked. I hate being sick in general, but being sick away from home is horrible. Luckily it wasn’t super horrible I just felt like I was going to throw up, but didn’t and it was mostly just my stomach hurt. The day after I felt much better and got back to my normal routine. Now as you are reading this I’ll be sitting on a beach somewhere in the south from Florida to Bahamas, it’s going to be the greatest trip I’ve had in a while and I get to leave the cold, well at least for 10 days, but that better then never at all.



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