Promotion and Special Events

Free Shipping In Canada (Limited Time!)

Things are getting pretty crazy with the holidays approaching (or in my case, already upon me as I am responsible for planning all the office parties for the season), so I am going to make this a short post to plug our stuff!

Order from our online store until December 15th and get free shipping in Canada, I will also guarantee that your gift arrives in time.  Seriously, I will personally negotiate with Santa to get it there, and if the powers that be decide it should arrive the 26th… I will be super sorry and give you something special to beg your forgiveness.  What the something special will be is still TBD, but it will for sure make up for your disappointment.

This is part of our weekly special deals on until the end of December.  Check in to our facebook page every Wednesday to see what the deal is each week!

So what might the people on your list like?

<$20 – Ride Card Holder

<$50 – ESRR Tee, Longsleeve, or Polo Shirt

<=$100 – ESRR Jacket, Merino Baselayer, or Quarter Sheet





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