Rider - Solstice

The vacation of a lifetime

Going somewhere warm for Christmas? Me? Not likely I already spent my vacation money. At the beginning of December my mom and I went on a quick trip to Florida and the Bahamas. On December 2 we flew down to Fort Lauderdale, just happy to be in a warm place we didn’t really judge anything too much. Looking back now the Ramada in Fort Lauderdale was sketchy and we are never going back to that hotel in our lives.

Bahamas trip 012
Ocean view in Fort Lauderdale Florida


After two days at Fort Lauderdale we went to meet our cruise ship. When we got on we went around figuring out where everything was, on our cruise ship there was 12 levels. The ship was very nice, but unfortunately once the ship started moving in wasn’t very fun. The water was very rough and everyone in the boat was stumbling from side to side. Unfortunately after half an hour of having that motion I started feeling sick and everything inside came out. Both mom and I were not happy at all and decided we were just going to stay inside our room and sleep until we got to the island.

Bahamas trip 028
Our cruise boat

Once the boat docked everyone felt much better and we went to go get breakfast. We also found out the staff members on the boat were feeling sick as well even though they have been on boats many times. After having breakfast we got packed up and got on a bus to take us to our hotel that we would stay in for the next three days. The bus driver was the best person in the world: he did a tour that even though it was informational was also very funny. When we got to the hotel it was amazing! We soon realized that we were staying in a 5 star hotel that really looked and felt like a top quality hotel.

Bahamas trip 037
View from our hotel room in Bahamas

Since we were used to the cold of Canada when we were anywhere in Florida or Bahamas it was hot and we wore t-shirts and shorts. Everyone that lived there thought it was cold and we thought they were crazy and told them they should try Canada. My first time in an Ocean was on this trip and I was very excited, I went into the ocean and it was a lot warmer than I thought it would be. My mom thought it was cold, but that’s just because she thinks everything but hot tubs are cold. The ocean was really nice and a change from the lake here.

Bahamas trip 033
Bahamas beach

When we were in Bahamas I also got my hair braided, you know in those small braids with the beads in them. Well let me tell you if you want to get it done you will be in a world of pain because it hurts like crazy. After a day it stops hurting and it looks amazing so it’s worth getting done, but it hurts like crazy so just be prepared.

Bahamas trip 034
LOOK!!!!! Superman must exist if Bahamas still have phone booths

After the three days of being in Bahamas we sadly had to say goodbye and get back on the cruise ship. Regretting the trip back to Florida we got back on the boat and to our surprise the boat ride back was amazing. The ocean wasn’t rough at all and both of us had no problem walking around the ship to go where ever we pleased. Reconsidering going on a cruise as we docked in the morning we got off and headed to get our car to drive to Orlando.

We got to our hotel and started looking around for different things to do. We decided that for supper we were going to go to medieval times. The show was great and it made it even better when our knight gave me the queen of the tournament sash. The show was great and the horses had lots of spunk, bucking every time the knights feel off.

Bahamas trip 054
Medieval Times

On the second last day we went to universal studios and it was amazing. They have a roller coaster, but it’s more of a simulated ride which means you feel like you are moving more because of the fact a screen in front of you is like a movie and whatever you see you feel. I would definitely go back to universal because my experience was amazing.

Bahamas trip 089
Shark from the aquarium

The final day we went to a sea life aquarium, which was really fun due to the fact you could touch different animals and they would swim all around you. After going to the aquarium we went to the airport and said goodbye to the sunny south for this year. The trip was amazing and we were very happy we got to take a quick break from our busy lives for a week, but we were all glad to be home when we did get home. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a great New Year.




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