Iceland 2015

Riding in Iceland Day 5, Horse 2

When we swapped horses, I was given another chestnut named Blazey – any guesses where that came from?  Given the following ride, I would have to say it was not for his speed haha.


Bonnie told me that Blazey was her least favourite horse that she had ridden so far.  It boggled my mind, I hadn’t had a single horse so far that I disliked in the least, so what could be so bad about this guy?!

Really, there was nothing that bad about him.  He had a kind heart and a general willingness, but the issue I soon found out it was very difficult to get him to stay in any gait.  4 strides canter, 4 strides trot, 4 strides canter… then some random nonsense I couldn’t quite name.  It wasn’t his fault so much, but it was very exhausting compared to a steady trot, tolt or canter.  So in the end, I do agree with Bonnie that he was my least favourite horse for that reason only (and that every other horse I had was beyond exemplary!)


We headed along dirt paths towards a very large mountain, and once we arrived there, followed along the base of the mounting, enjoying the beautiful view of course!  We crossed back through some familiar rivers and back through the gorgeous lava rock trails we encountered on day 3.  Very thankful at that point that I had switched to a bigger horse to get my feet over many of those rocks.  We were now following the same route we had come in on, and used our favourite rest location in the rock corral.

It was becoming very late that night(not sure what time it was exactly as the light continued so late) and we were so hungry!  What a wonderful surprise it was when we got there to see a vehicle, that Anita and her boyfriend Eggert got out of, filled with takeout containers.  The most delicious sandwiches of chicken and avocado!  We all pigged out and got comfy in the rocks.


While we ate, a horse appeared in the fenced field across from where we had corralled ours.  After some whispers, we were told it was a mare who had been missing for more than a year.  Our guides did their best to try to capture her, but in the end she got away!



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