Rider - Solstice

Fun with my foal


Prince is almost 9 months old and I have been doing a lot of things to make sure he trusts me and make sure I can trusts him. So that hopefully when I start to ride him in a couple of year we’ll have the best bond you could dream about. The videos just below was the first time prince has been out on trail in the snow. Now of course I didn’t start with Prince off the lead rope, but heading back home I decided to take him of the rope to see what he would do. Just like I guessed he trotted if he got too far behind and stopped once he got to the horse’s bum in front of him.



blog prince post 004

Now I don’t just take Prince out on trail I also work with him in new in environments and with new objects. These next videos are Prince playing with his ball.



Prince with a pool noddle.

blog prince post 014




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