Iceland 2015

Riding in Iceland Day 5, Horse 3

For the last leg of the day, I was given Fairy… who is the mare of all mares.  We all loved and hated her.  She was a nice ride, Jess had taken her to the beach, but she and her group of 2 were constantly getting into trouble when loose.  They just didnt seem to want to follow the rest of the crowd, and it was clear that Fairy was the one making this happen.

Typical Fairy mood
Typical Fairy mood -you can see it in her eyes!

She really was a nice ride though.  Smooth and forward, and could she ever herd!  I remember shortly into our ride, another horse started to wander, and without any instruction from me, she pinned her ears, kicked into gear, and put that sorry horse back in its place!  Yes, mares are wonderful.

This leg we continued more along rocky trail around the base of mountains, lava rocks, shrubs, roads, dirt, really everything!  Our shadows were growing long, and we disturbed several groups of sheep who were out grazing.

We came to the farm where the horses would stay overnight and untacked the horses.  We werent quite done there however, as we had to turn them out to pasture.  So how do we funnel them all?  Well, the string was just not long enough…

Sam rode out, enticing the horses to follow, while we all stood menacingly in a pattern to generally keep them from breaking free. Human fence – when a string just wont do!



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