Rider - Solstice

Escaping the winter blahs!

Each winter is the same cold, wet and gross. With a passion I hate winter so trying to convince myself to go outside is very hard when inside is warm and toasty. This year I decided that I was going to try to drive my mom’s horse in a sleigh. Well I didn’t end up getting a sleigh, but this was the next best thing.


Liza is almost better with a sleigh then she is when she is being ridden. I have done ground driving with her for a long time so she know what she has to do and when she has to do it. Since I don’t have a proper harness we can’t pull a sleigh with her so we put together a couple of tires for her to pull around.

blog 2



Then this kitty figured he should help me out so I just had to get a picture.


blog to post winter blahs 017

So has anyone else tried driving their horse in a sleigh? Got any other ideas for riding in the snowy cold? Oh and one more thing welcome to spring everyone! I’m good with this new warm weather.



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