Rider - Solstice

Dreams to come true

Every year I have a different goal and, only having one competition horse this year, endurance isn’t really my priority. Now don’t get me wrong I still plan on doing a bunch of rides, it just may not be on my horse. Choosing what to do in a year is always hard and at least for me it’s always changing. I’m also hoping to get Desi into FEI this season so in July I hope to do my FEI 1* up in New Lowell.

rides in january 017
Quick ride on Desi in the snow


Even though it has been very cold out the past week I have been still trying to ride as much as possible, but not really to get ready for competition. I just had my exams and have switched into a harder course load, with Math, Biology and Chemistry all at university level. It’s amazing that the bond between your horse and you can distract you from time.

rides in january 012
Beau and I


This year I also plan on showing a Morgan for my coach which is exciting because the horse I’m going to be riding is a five year old Morgan and this will be his first season of showing. Beau is a chestnut gelding that has a very big personality. He never likes to do the same old circle around the ring and always lets me know when he’s bored. Even though he hasn’t really been trained to jump I have started to teach him and he absolutely loves it.

rides in january 011
Beau and I


I have also been trying to work Prince as well, he is the funniest. When I haven’t worked with him in a while or the horses won’t play with him when he’s bored he finds something in the paddock to play with. For example he loves to play with a barrel; he will run around pushing it and kicking it on the ground.

rides in january 038
Prince and I


Getting back into the season is hard for anyone let alone not having any where slightly warm and dry to ride in. One tip I can give you for certain is to start your horse off early because then the less you have to do later, other than just keep up rides. Hope everyone has stayed warm the past couple days, but keep thinking positive it can only get warmer! Right?

All the best



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