Iceland 2015, Rider - Sarah

Riding in Iceland – Day 6, horse 2

For my second-last horse in Iceland, I was handed Klaus, the wonderful old-timer who had won over the hearts of every rider.  He had made it soundly through the journey so far despite his advanced age and jokes about being on the menu because nobody picked him for beach day… and the ensuing campaign “Save Klaus”.  Santa Klaus merchandise to hit the retail shelves in 2016.  Ok, I guess you had to be there.

From the get-go, Klaus was pretty knackered.  We stayed at the back… wayyyy back.  But damn, that horse never gave up!

Klaus and Balti (Who Bonnie was riding).  A nice matched pair
Klaus and Balti (Who Bonnie was riding). A nice matched pair

Thankfully for him, this was a short leg – only about 8 km and 1 hour of riding on roads.  Occasionally he even gave me little short gallops to try to keep up with the herd.  Surprise!  Butf course, then he would drop back significantly.  I felt a bit like the grinch when his heart grows and breaks the box, little Klaus was so sweet and trying so hard, and I had a lot of sad/happy sympathy for him.  Feeling bad that he had to work each day, sometimes twice.

We were getting close to civilization again.  The roads were getting paved, and we saw the occasional car.  We must not be far from home now!

We pulled up by a field, and I gave Klaus his last scratch and he went on his way to be with his friends.  Probably thrilled to have the monkey off his back!



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