Rider - Solstice

Practice makes perfect

Everyone on their horses ready to rope.

For a couple years now I have been doing roping for fun. In early march my youth horse club did a roping clinic for something different to do. In the morning we were taught how to rope and what you do when you get on the horse. We also got on the horses and followed the dummy cow around for a slower roping practice. I decided to bring Angel since I’ve done some roping on her before, because it’s always more fun if you do well on your own horse than on someone else’s. She did really well for a horse that isn’t use to things like that. On the dummy she followed for the most part exactly where she was supposed to, great with the rope swinging and stopping.

Practicing on the dummy horse and hay bale.


When we got into the box she was a little upset and nervous, but 100 times better than the first time I brought her to rope. I tried roping some cows on Angel for a little while and then I decided to try on a more experienced horse. I sat down in the saddle and could tell the moment I sat down I wasn’t going to get anything. When I ride I like being about to sit deep in the saddle to stop and this saddle was anything but deep! It was like I was being pushed forward. I tried roping off him twice and decided I wanted my saddle and horse back. All the times I went after a cow I was very close it just wasn’t going over the head.

Riding Brad’s horse.
Getting my rope ready.

I got back on my horse with determination in my eye. I got in the box, took a breath, nodded and kicked to get my horse up to the cow. Angel caught up to the cow with me swinging the rope. I could see the end of the arena coming up and I was close enough to catch the cow so I through the rope. The rope flew through the air and over the cow’s head, I sat down in my saddle and my horse put her brakes on the rope tightened on the cow’s neck and since we were using break-away ropes the rope broke. I was so proud of both my horse and I, but that feeling that I finally caught a cow after so many hours of practicing was amazing.


All the best

– Solstice


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