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Adventures in Iceland – Whale Watching

When you stay at Hostel’s there is always THAT person.  You know what I mean.  As I checked into my hostel at about 2:30 am, I was very conscious of being THAT person.  Entering late at night, making far too many crashing noises and grabbing around each bunk trying to see which one was free.  Yup, I am on a top bunk.  There were lockers for us, but given my light situation, I shoved my bags against the wall and searched around for ANYTHING I could possibly use for a shower and bed – because of course, as THAT person, I stank of 6 days of horses. Best I was able to manage was some handsoap for my hair, and a sequin bar top as my PJs.  Classy.

After rocking the bed to get up to the second storey, I set my alarm for 6:00 (yes, THAT person) and groaned seeing that it was only 3 hours away.  I had to be ready for the bus at 8am, and planned to load up on coffee before, having already mapped out what shop I wanted to visit even before departing for Iceland.  I continued my nap later on a park bench waiting for the coffee shop to open (growl!)

Coffee... please... as if my life depended on it!
Coffee… please… as if my life depended on it!

I managed to get my coffee and catch my bus in time and met up with Bonnie, Claudia, Rose and Katja for the whale tour.  None had been in my van the night before so they were slightly more refreshed than me… slightly!

First things first, we got on the boat and got into these wonderful red jumpsuits.  Thank goodness for these, it was so cold!  Once we were in them, I am pretty sure we became invincible.

Bonnie and Claudia rocking the red jumpsuits
Bonnie and Claudia rocking the red jumpsuits

We were also given sea sickness tablets as the water was supposed to be rough (we learned later that some of our other friends’ tours were cancelled due to choppy weather).  We made our way to the upper deck and set out!

Reykjavik from the water
Reykjavik from the water


After getting out into more open water, spotted!  On the left side!  Minke whale!!!  We ran to the rail and watched eagerly.  It started to move around the front of the boat, and thats all Rose and I needed to zip down the staircase and position ourselves, appropriately at the bow of the boat like we were kings of the world.

The Minke whale was very playful and kept coming close to the boat, even breaching right in front of us.  It was spectacular and felt sorry the other girls were missing out in the back.  The puffins were also adorable, they are much smaller than I imagined and flapped along the water in the most awkward way imaginable.  Had a good laugh at their expense.

A few other Minkes came around as well as another type (which I cant remember anymore!  Anyone help?).   It was so neat to see them so close and definitely a day trip I would do again, even on 3 hours of restless sleep!


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