Ice Storm – Bringing Down the Forest

Southern Ontario got hit with a whopper last week, in particular the area where Ashley and I board our horses.

Thankfully, I managed to be tucked away in a cabin in Quebec with wine and easter chocolate for a family ski trip.  Not only did we get the least of the storm there, we never lost power, and we didnt really care about the skating rink outside on Friday. Add Netflix into the equation and a promising ski day to follow, and then who really cares if you can get out of the driveway or not?

When I got home, Ashley and I planned our first ride ASAP and of course decided to go out to the forest to see EXACTLY what we had in store – cleanup wise.  While we didn’t get out to the Dufferin forest, we can assume it looked pretty similar to what we saw on our home trails.  On ride 2, I took out my helmet cam so I could share what it looks like.



Please, if you ride in Dufferin Forest or enjoy the forest for other uses (or if you don’t but want to lend a hand anyway).  Consider attending one of the cleanup dates below:

April 1, 2016

April 3, 2016

April 23, 2016

April 24, 2016


You can visit the OCTRA facebook page to find out where and when to meet, and what you should bring.


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