Rider - Solstice

The big G2

Any test is scary; you don’t know what exactly is going to be on it, what you’re going to be asked to do, and much more. Let alone a driving test that makes or breaks your future.

For years I have been longing for the day I get my driver’s license. The day came that I could go for my G1 and I waited. Looking back now I think I waiting was a good idea; it gave me a little more time to study, so I could pass the first try. The weekend I turned 16 I was at a competition, the week after I had exams.

In mid-July I went to attempt my G1 hoping I passed the first time. I was in a line up for about an hour just to write a test. Thoughts were streaming through my head about why I would wait in a line to punish myself to write a test, but I did end up finally getting to the desk. I finished my test hoping that I passed and I handed it in. They marked it and called me up. I was nervous but guess what? They said I passed my written test and I was very happy with myself.

I soon realized that even though I could now drive legally with G1it was almost as bad as not being able to drive at all. G1 drivers must at all times drive with a G driver with 5 years or more of experience. I know there are some very bad drivers out there and that is good for them, but having to wait 8 months with drivers Ed or 12 months without feels like an eternity. It’s just a pain to have to always wait for someone to be able to drive with you.

On March 31 I went for my G2 driving test, so nervous and just wanting to pass just like my G1. This time I went to Lindsay instead of Peterborough, but it still feels like you’re lined up forever. I got in the car, drove around doing everything the drive test examiner told me to do to the best of my abilities and I passed.

I was very happy and now I almost feel free being able to drive wherever I want, whenever I want. Not having to wait for a ride every time I want to go somewhere or be picked up from somewhere is amazing! Now it’s just one more test to do my G level and I’ll be all set.

All the best,



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