Superhorse – by Little Sarah

Occasionally I like to reflect on life and think about what it means to be successful.  Sure, I set goals – completing and winning rides, year end awards, big overseas adventures, and success is stamping that check mark next to the bucket list.

However, more often than not when I want to determine my own success, I think not of what I have done, what other people think of me, or the number in my bank account.  Nope, the question I ask myself is “Would little Sarah (meaning my childhood self) think I was way cool?”

While I missed some marks – I am not an animator for Disney nor can I do much drawing with my nerve damaged hand… reading this story, recently dug out of my parents’ basement, helps me believe I am on the right track.

Chances are, if you are reading this blog you wrote similar stories as a kid.  Hopefully reading mine will bring back some memories for you too.  And don’t forget to ask yourself every once in a while:  “Would little me think I was way cool?”

Sarah’s Grade 7 Story – Superhorse



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