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 At around 3 am on April 22nd 2015 a year from this day, Prince was born.



Since the moment I saw him standing in the stall I knew he was perfect. His dusty coloured coat with a brown line up his back and a white spot on his nose.

Let me tell you he has exceeded expectations. I had many names thrown my way as to what to call him, but I came up with Prince and that’s the name he will have until the day he dies. I called him Prince so I can tell everyone I met my Prince Charming! Cheesy right? Oh well he’s my baby and nothing that’s going to change about that.


For quite a while now Prince has started becoming more and more like a stallion (which I don’t want) overall he hasn’t really been that bad, but every so often his hormones would kick in and he would be anything but good. We had our barn annual checkup and the vet said the chop could happen any time.


April 12 was the day we decided on and so the day came. Unfortunately we had to do it in his stall since it was fairly cold and windy outside. Prince got a whole bunch of needles for sedation, penicillin and much more. Prince was a great patient even the vet said so. The surgery was about 30 minutes and even though it looked very uncomfortable, Prince seemed fairly unscathed from the event. For now Prince is doing good and enjoying the time I’m having to spend exercising him. I’m so excited for the day I can finally jump on him and do anything I want, and I’m sure he’s excited too.


All the best



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