Rider - Solstice

First ride adventures

The first ride of the season was, well lets say not my farms best ride. Many things happened that were very unfortunate. So let me start you at the beginning. I was supposed to have my friend riding Angel, but unfortunately the week before she got the same irritation on her back like last year at NAETC, no riding for her she wouldn’t even let us touch her back without kicking and ears to her neck.

We drove up to Aprilfest on the Friday night before the ride with Desi and Liza, set up camp, went to the camp fire for a little bit and then went to sleep. Saturday morning we woke up, set up the pit crew spot and vetted out. It was beautiful out side with myself only a t-shirt on.

For the first time I was riding Jack (not my horse) in a competition. From start to finish on trail Jack was an Angel never pulling on the bit, always eating and drinking when you asked him to and more. At the half way vet check Jack started having a fit. Since he hasn’t really done endurance a lot I understand. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do and  I’m sure was stressed with everything. I decided to pass him to his owner, Linda and very soon he quieted down and he was back to being the horse he was out on trail.

The second loop was great until 3 miles from home. We were riding beside Linda on her other horse when all of a sudden Linda’s horse ran into my horse and kicked out. Catching my leg and Jack’s side. We got to the vet check  at the end and the vet could see something, but still completed us since it was hardly noticeable. I was worried that the horse wouldn’t be fine and I would drop out from the Sunday portion, but Linda convinced me he would be fine and so he was .

Unfortunately it was raining and windy all day Sunday. Desi (my horse) was suppose to be ridden in a 50 mile and was for sure ready to roll. Trot out came in the morning and guess what… She’s lame. Since we both had Desi and Liza we decided to put Liza in the 25 mile to see how she would do. Getting Liza ready we hear galloping horse hooves and to our surprise it’s Desi running around camp. Apparently her new job is in the jumping ring now.

We finally finished our ride without any real exciting events, except for finding a lost person in the woods. At 6 miles from home on our last loop we came across a young lady, I would guess first year of university or college. She told us she had been walking around the forest for about 4 hours. She asked us for directions and we told her we just follow the flags we have no clue where we are, but because we’re nice people we told her to go to the water through about .5 miles back and someone would come and pick her up. Unfortunately she decided not to go to the water through and well that’s where the story ends, hopefully she has made it out of the woods and home safe, but honestly I really can’t say.

At awards time surprisingly Jack got best condition. Liza completed her first 25 and we were all happy to get out of the rain. We drove home Sunday night and of course the rain stopped once we left the ride. Today I’m competing at a show with another horse I’m riding for someone, hopefully all goes well. To leave you all on a last note, to all the mothers, grand mothers and more have a great Mother’s Day, make the day as special as you are.

All the best



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