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75 Thoughts of a Ride N Tier

One of my favourite and most successful articles I have ever written was 75 thoughts of a Ride N Tier.

At Aprilfest 2016, I had the pleasure of introducing another Mongol Derby Rider, Liz Brown, to Ride N Tie.  She turned around and made a fantastic video for Horse Network which now has over 400,000 views.  Yup, Bentley’s butt is famous.

Please enjoy the video, and the re-blog of an all-time favourite.


  1. What a beautiful day for a RNT!
  2. Here goes, we are over the starting line.
  3. Time to run really fast, everyone is watching.
  4. Eek, I hope none of these horses kick.
  5. Pass me horse, pass me! Why are you going so slow?
  6. Ok, I guess I will just run faster than the horse – I feel sick
  7. Seriously, horse is passing now? Ok I will hide in these trees over here.
  8. Ah good, the horses are all gone, I can run freely now
  9. Or maybe I will walk, I am probably close to my tied horse anyway.  Quarter mile? That’s it?  But my horse isn’t tied until mile 1.  Ok get back running you lazy bum.
  10. Ok this isn’t so bad
  11. Half a mile, good time for a walk!
  12. Oh crap a rider ahead getting on their horse… better run again.  Can’t let them see me walking.
  13. Geeze, get out of my sight line already, I want to walk!
  14. Finally, walk time.
  15. Oh look, my horse will be tied in 0.1 miles.  Ok, I can run that! You go girl!
  16. Where is my horse? Its supposed to be in 0.05 miles, I don’t see anything ahead on the trail.
  17. OMG my GPS says 1.05, but no horse.  Am I off trail?
  18. I haven’t seen any other runners or riders recently, I am most definitely off trail. I am going to die lost in this forest.
  19. Or maybe I am not… I see hoofprints, do I run forward or back?
  20. Ok keep going… maybe I will see a trail marker
  21. Yes, a ribbon!  I’m on trail, but where is my horse?  She was supposed to be 0.1 mile ago
  22. Oh there is my horse ahead
  23. Nope, its another similarly dressed horse.  Damn
  24. Why am I still running?  Clearly my rider forgot about our agreement.
  25. I hate this so much. Why did I think this would be fun?
  26. Well, since I am never going to see my horse on this trail, I might as well work on my personal best running time. Ok, I can keep this pace for a while.
  27. Oh look, its my horse.
  28. Perhaps I was a little dramatic.
  29. Hi horse!
  30. What kind of knot is this?!?
  31. Ok, knot untied… now what do I do with this rope.  I saw another horse with it tied around neck, ok I can do that.
  32. Stand still horse, cant you see i’m trying to mount you?
  33. Fine, I will just swing up like i’m in an old west movie.
  34. Moving on… finally!
  35. Ahhh, this view is much nicer.
  36. Hey there’s my partner, hi friend, keep up the good running
  37. Oh no, my rope came undone.  I guess I can hold it in my teeth.
  38. Woah big hill, muahaha I don’t have to run it.
  39. I should tie up here, give my partner a break after doing that nasty hill.
  40. We need some sort of pully-system to bring the horse to the bottom of the hill – like reverse of the ski hill lifts
  41. I should invent that. I could make millions.
  42. Ok, shes tied.  Here i go again
  43. No horse, stand there… don’t try and follow me! Ok shes fine, keep running
  44. Wow i’m at 2 miles already.  Ok this isn’t the worst.
  45. Oh another runner.  Hi runner!
  46. I bet I can pass them
  47. Or maybe I should just stay with them.
  48. No I can pass, I am going to do it.
  49. Oh crap, there is their horse.  Guess I won’t be seeing you for a while!
  50. Almost at the vet check, where is my horse?
  51. Oh here comes horse.
  52. You want me to ride into the vet check? Fine lemme up.
  53. I see the vet check ahead… really, you couldn’t have given me more ride time?
  54. Drink faster horse, I have to run away now.
  55. Ok, off again.  Halfway done, that’s not so bad!  Hey I can totally do this!
  56. Where did this blood come from?
  57. Oh well, just run, or walk.  Whatever.
  58. Big hill, is my horse coming yet?  Crap, I shouldn’t have been so cocky riding that last hill. Just walk it, that’s cool
  59. Ok  i’m halfway up.  Sit down just for a minute
  60. Don’t puke
  61. Hey look a half full water bottle… I am thirsty.
  62. I wonder if its safe to drink.
  63. No! That’s gross are you kidding me.  Ok grab the bottle and carry it home, if you get really desperate THEN you can risk your life drinking it. Worst case scenario someone thanks you for returning their lovely bottle.
  64. Ok lets finish this hill.
  65. I reached the top… oh yay I hear hoofbeats!
  66. What?  No horse?  Oh that sound was the blood pumping in my ears.  Maybe I SHOULD drink from the bottle.
  67. Oh gross, it was horse electrolytes.  Bad idea.
  68. Ok seriously, where is my horse?  The finish line is only a mile away.
  69. Finally, here she is!  Quarter mile to go… might as well just run it together.
  70. I should really train for this next time.
  71. Wait! Next time? Did I really just think that?
  72. The finish line… run like you didn’t drink strange electrolytes while weeping on the forest floor.
  73. They all think I ran the whole thing, that’s right, keep smiling and waving – you are the queen of RNT
  74. Weee all done!
  75. FOOD NOW

Bonus thought:

What do you mean you lost the vet card?




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