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Adventures of Cayusa Canter

Let’s just say I don’t think 2016 is my year. Any rides go unplanned in many ways, but this year seems to be going unplanned in bad ways. My plans for Cayuse Canter were for me to ride Desi in the 50 and Angel to be ridden by my friend in the 50. The first loop was great, rocky, but our horses were picking their way through like pros. The first loop was a 20 mile loop that had a 15 min hold at 12 miles. None of our horses were really drinking, but surprisingly everyone even Angel was eating. After we gave them all electrolytes and headed off from the hold at the next water through Desi had the best drink, the rest of the horses looked at the water and took a little sip, but I was very proud of my horse.

We got to the vet check, pulsed in, vetted and everything was great. Our horses had a lot more energy to go, ate and drank. I was very pleased at the amount of food and water Angel was in taking at the hold. Many times Angel won’t eat nor drink until the 2nd loop is done, which isn’t good, eh you can lead a horse to water, but you can make them drink, well it’s the same with food for Angel, she hasn’t died yet so I’m sure it’s just something to do with nerves.

We headed out on our 2nd loop and Desi felt great. We got to the about 1.5 mile out water trough, everything was working out, my horse was feeling ready and energised, I was feeling recharged and pain free and we only had about half way to go. Literally less than 1 minute after the trough I felt the step. I slowed her to a walk right away and she felt like she was walking fine, I broke into a slow trot to see if I was just imagining things and unfortunately I wasn’t, she was lame in her left front. We started walking back to camp and of course do you think I have cell phone service? No! Of course not. So after walking 5 minutes I finally got in range to call for help. Honestly I don’t really think we needed a trailer and we probably could have gotten home without one, but the road was hot, the sun was out and it was about 25C.

For the most part Desi is relatively good at going in the trailer, but at times she can really be a donkey. Considering there were not any other horses for her to go on with and this being a new trailer I was a little concerned. The trailer arrived and the first try Desi was definitely thinking no way am I going in that thing. I backed her up and asked her to stand quietly behind the trailer for a moment, got beside her and walked like I meant it into the trailer with her popping up in behind me. The vets checked her and they think that it’s a stone bruise, which yes it’s good that it’s only something minor, but it doesn’t make being told your horse is hurt and you cannot continue to ride in the sport you love any easier to take. Everyone has their good year and bad years, everyone has their good days and bad days, but until the bad day is happening to you no one, but you can understand. You may have had a horrible week or something awful happen at home, you just want to come compete, do the best you can do and come away with at least mileage and whether what you love to do is endurance or anything else. Sometimes success of even coming last in a race, but finishing is good enough to put a smile on your face and a skip in your walk. So look at the little things, they can sometimes mean the most.



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