Rider - Solstice

A story of success

The last weekend in May was quite the weekend. I was riding a horse for someone in a local schooling show. I’ve only competed with this horse once before, and he is the best horse you could ever ask for. He’s a horse that knows what to do, it’s whether he’s going to do things properly or not.

In this schooling show I decided to do the flat division as well as the crossrail division. In this horse’s whole life he’s only been to three shows: Two being flat classes only, and this recent show, flat and jumping. Just to add to the difficulty he has never been jumped away from home before. Going into this show I had no idea what he would be like. I was just hoping that I would give him the confidence to do everything he needed to.

Apparently it worked, because at the schooling show we did the best I could ever imagine. In the flat classes we got two 3rd and a 1st out of 5, and in the cross rail classes we got two 3rd and two 2nd out of 10. Finally to bring it all home we also got champion for the cross rail division. When they announced this I was open mouth shocked.

This weekend coming up I’m going to two different shows. Saturday is our local towns fair. To add to the excitement I’m also bringing Prince to his first show. So I’m hoping all goes well and both of the horses do great and continue with the success they have had so far.



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