How to pick a Hydration Pack

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me this question, I would have enough to buy… well ok, not that much because nickels don’t go very far in 2016.  However, it IS one of the things my friends, fellow riders, and general public seem to ask me about the most.  There is serious interest among the riding population to better equip themselves for a long ride.

I took a few minutes to film a few tips (thanks Ashley for manning the camera!) at Summer Solstice ride last weekend.  Please be forgiving of the chopped head in some scenes, my GoPro doesnt have a screen to see what exactly is in frame 🙂  If you aren’t prone to a bit of sea-sickness, the information is good, and you can get a pretty good look at my pack… so my face is irrelevant!




2 thoughts on “How to pick a Hydration Pack”

    1. I know, I wish the sound was better. Just have to turn it up real loud! Hopefully once I get other things (such as my race fees and flight) paid for, I can invest in a microphone and a new camera. Mine is getting close to retirement, but it has seen some pretty good views!


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