Endurance Racing, Rider - Solstice

Third try lucky? I’d say so!

Third times a charm? Or so they say! Well apparently it true because at the third competition of 2016 all of my horses completed the ride they were entered in. Let’s just add in that how could I not do well that would be the worst luck for the ride right before my birthday. 17 years old with one more year of high school left. Don’t worry only having a minor break-down.

For me Summer Solstice is just about the most stressful ride ever on the weekend right before exams, when I should be studying. Don’t get me wrong I do study, just maybe not as much as I should. To make things even worse on me the whole week before the ride I was very sick, with what I don’t know, but I wish what I had on no one. I’m pretty sure I lost about 10lbs and before a long ride where I should be getting enough of everything to make sure I can finish without dying, instead I was at my toilet throwing up whenever I tried to eat.

I made it to the ride a little under the weather, but a whole lot better than earlier that week. I rode that Jack the same horse I rode at Aprilfest. He was 110% better no freak outs in the vetting area, he ate and he drank whenever he had the chance. We decided to do the tri-challenge and it was very exciting to include both runners and biker’s into the mix. Our team came second with me being the sponsor horse since we wanted to keep our horses together. The Sunday of the ride we did the 50 mile. You know that saying “sugar melts in the rain,” do you think sugar can melt in the heat? Because trust me I was! Felt like about 100 degrees. To be honest yes it was hot for the first three loops, but those aren’t the ones I’m complaining about. The last loop was the killer, talk to anyone and I’m sure they will tell you that. After about 11am it started getting nasty hot and everyone just wanted to be done.

We finished the ride 9th and with a ride time of 6hrs 47mins, for Jacks first ride I was very happy. My horse Desi finished 7th which I was also very happy about. We got home Sunday night and hay was waiting for us. Took us all day Monday putting it into the barn, then I had a week of exams, but now I’m free for the summer!

Well… actually I’m not really, I’m free from school, but I have a trail riding job up at Algonquin South Trails. I’m very excited as well as a little scared; I will be up there for the full month of July. I know this opportunity isn’t handed out every day so when I was offered it I knew I had to take it. Doing something that I love and having it as a job, tell me know how can it get any better than that. So if you’re in the area of beautiful Algonquin park come visit.




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