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Hoofprints for Diabetes

Hey everyone! I was kindly invited to talk about my Ride! I’m new to writing posts so here we go!

Well! Ill start with myself and my horse! My name is Alexandra Teske and my Horse goes by Hidalgo. Hidalgo is a 7 year old Appaloosa.  My husband had discovered Hidalgo (5 years at the time) while horse training for another couple who could not handle Hidalgo. He had spunk,  fiest, was stubborn and had trust issues from earlier owners who called him Hammer Head. Not good for a beginning rider, BUT! My husband saw potential and after training we purchased him and joined him with our horses. After a lot of hard work, in the end he has learned to trust. I realized this when he protected me and stepped between me trying to help a calf and momma trying to get to calf no matter what!


My husband is a healthy type 1 diabetic, and when I met him I knew nothing much about Diabetes. Every day I learn more about it and there is more to learn. I was getting frustrated as I was finding out how many people have to deal with it! I discovered 20 people every hour are being diagnosed, and the breaking point was when we went to our local swimming pool. My daughter (4) had been visiting with another girl her age while we were there. While we were getting ready to leave she had asked her mom for a snack. I was not really paying attention at this point and just getting our bags packed to leave. Her mom then asked if she had tested. I stopped what I was doing. I thought “no she’s not….” yupp… she asked for help with her insulin pump, and was testing her blood. She was diabetic. This cute sweet little 4 year old girl. That could easily be my daughter as well! I realized this is far to common and we need to be fixing this. So I talked to The Canadian Diabetes Association, and with their help started Hoofprints for Diabetes.

You see with Hidalgo we had already been riding to our local town and back, about an hour each way, and always enjoyed the idea of endurance activities. Ill add we are very new to this! haha! Thankfully Sarah has been helping with answering my questions and tips!

I decided to ride from Lang, SK to Regina, SK. and have been practicing for this along the local highway here (my husband decided to join with his horse Wrangler-> a paint. We have a link we have on our Facebook page for people to donate to The Canadian Diabetes Association. Donations or not, I really just want to bring more awareness to this as it is very frustrating and this idea to help with a ride has been sitting in my head for about 3 years now. I just finally put it into action after I realized Hidalgo’s trust issues had become way better!(the whole take a bullet, well a cow, for me thing).

SO! For the ride this is my first endurance ride so we are using what we know and what others have mentioned and sorted out what would work for us! We are keeping up on nutrition for the horses of coarse! Practicing daily, or if we did lots on one day a rest day in between. We judge distance by our neighbors farms and land points… it’s flat in Saskatchewan or at least on the prairies. Haha!

We will be packing a lunch and snacks, as my husband needs snacks and emergency sugar for the ride. Snacks for keeping his blood sugars regular, emergency sugar for when he goes low (I’m not sweet enough 😉 ). We also have a kind fertilizer company Ren Gro Fertilizer, and a farm helping provide us with stops and breaks with water for our horses.  We plan to leave Lang by 9 am to make it to Ren Gro for lunch. and will have our saddle bags packed with not only the foods for the ride but waters, my husbands blood testing case and supplies, cell phones, bug spray ( hoping I won’t need it for Hidalgo… he’s terrified its something dark and fierce coming out of the can to get him lol!), and a sweater/raincoat tied on the back of our saddles.  We might add more but for now this is where we are at, and our saddle bags will be full with food, and diabetes supplies.

The distance for if your unsure of how far of a ride this is, is between 47-48 Km. We are new to this like I said but we are estimating between 8-9 hrs!? As we will be providing a 1 hour lunch rest for the horses and breaks for water as we go along we will see I guess and just take it one hoof print at a time! We are in no rush and hope to enjoy the distance and view of our little piece of Saskatchewan with our horses.

Challenges… Every choice has them. So what do I guess we might face along our journey!?There is the possibility of passing farms with farm dogs that could be chasers or worse, so i worry about that. That is my number one worry as we did already while practicing pass a farm with dobermans that ran straight for us fast and mean.. and we had to booker out of there. ( jeepers !Hidalgo has some real quick go go in him!) mental highfive with Hidalgo!:). I was also worried about water but with the amount of help we are getting along the way I no longer worry as they all will be supplying water.  We will be taking lots of rest stops and like I said are going to just take our time with it so the horses are not worn out as this is our first journey and it is not timed 🙂 We may face other challenges but I know my husband and I work really well together and will sort them out as need be. Our first priority is keeping us and the horses safe.

I look forward to this and am very nervous as it is our very first endurance ride of this distance. The amount of people being supportive has been of great help and I am looking forward to what the day brings! I will be keeping people posted on our facebook page of our journey and posting live video throughout the day. Please think about those facing diabetes. There are many ways to make a difference so find out ways in your community to help make a change. I know we even have clothing donation bins and the funds go to The Canadian Diabetes Association. Take care! As my 3 littles like to say to me for goodluck          ” And don’t Crash!”

Alexandra Teske

From Sarah:

I was so thrilled to come across Alexandra’s story, shared about the internet.  Her story hit a personal chord, as both of my Mom’s sisters were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as young children.  Susan passed away a few years ago but I still see her occasionally in old mementos and purple and white flowers (her wedding colours).  Nancy is still here and one of my strongest supporters- always one of the first to comment on my posts and offering words of encouragement.  She has been through far more than most people I know, and is the epitome of Endurance – still going on cruises and up to the cottage despite physical limitations. She is a model to me to live life on my own terms and never give up. And my Grandparents, who dedicate themselves to caring for their daughters even into their old age, Alexandra reminds me of them, and how Diabetes affects not just a single person, but an entire family and community.

So needless to say, I reached out to Alexandra immediately so I could help with her cause, kindred as we are! I am so happy to feature her on my blog here, please support her by liking the facebook page, making a donation to the cause, and sharing this over and over!

One last thing to note, she is setting out on her adventure TODAY!





1 thought on “Hoofprints for Diabetes”

  1. Alexandra is such an amazing person. She is an inspiration to many people, including me. This is just another awesome example of her kind and giving nature! You rock girl!


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