MadBarn – Visceral+ & Performance XL Review

MadBarn supplements, ready to get in Bentley’s belly!

I am so thankful to have connected with MadBarn last year.  After several discussions, MadBarn agreed to sponsor me with some product (as pictured above). I have now been using them for a little while, and I have to say, I am one satisfied lady!

Performance XL Electrolytes

This was sold to me with the words “It’s almost exactly the same as Perform n’ Win”.  Ok, I will give it a shot.  I have to say, it was nerve wracking to make the leap.  Once you have found something that works, you tend to stick with it. But PNW isn’t available in Canada, which means you have to have a friend drive over the border with your white powder.

When I used it at the Aprilfest ride, I am pleased to say NOTHING HAPPENED!  Yes, that is a good thing.  My horse performed exactly as he typically does on PNW.  I used approximately the same amount (2 scoops day before the ride, 2 scoops in the morning, and 3 scoops at each hold), and we survived, no worse for the wear (ok Bentley was good, I had weird lumpy legs… but that has nothing to do with these elytes).

I also used them at summer solstice (which was crazy hot) and Coates Creek (our first 75 mile ride) and came in with A’s for hydration every time.  We continue training as I prepare for Race The Wild Coast and using Performance XL on our training rides, and he never refuses a bucket or puddle.  I’m keeping them!


Visceral +

Ok so this one is a little harder to review, because it’s an ulcer product, but I have never had scopes done on Bentley.  Some of what may follow might be other factors or coincidence, but it also might not be (and I think it DOES play a role).  Keep an open mind.

I had suspected for a while that Bentley might have ulcers.  Its not uncommon for an endurance horse and he was showing signs such as being girthy, grouchy when I brushed certain spots on his belly (I can even think back to a time when a little girl said “he doesn’t like when I poke him here”, poked him in demonstration, and he turned around and bit her – it was hard not to laugh), and more recently had been difficult to catch in the field.

I started him on Visceral + the week before Coates… the week before, he was taking 3 hours to catch him in the field.  He also had a mystery lameness in his back that couldn’t be found by the chiro/vet who said he had a good strong back, with no issues.

We did manage to get through that ride ok, and to my surprise, the next day, Bentley came to greet me at the fence.  No multi-hour chase.  I had thought for sure he would hate me, but that day, and ever since, he comes trotting to the fence, eager to get to work.  A complete attitude 360.  As I mentioned, this could be Visceral+, it could be the chiro work, or it could be his horsey brain doing silly things, but he certainly seems like a totally happy horse these days!

As for the brushing/girthing.  I haven’t seen a pinned ear since he started on it.  I am not sure how long Visceral+ is supposed to take effect, but it seemed to start working fast!  He is still in full work, hard enough it would aggravate an ulcer, but no symptoms I can tell.  Again, I am sticking with it.  The total attitude change with increased work can’t be total coincidence, because he may like to do things the hard way… but clearly as we were 2 months ago, he cant like it that much!

Visceral+, you are staying in my cabinet!




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