Mongol Time of Year

If you follow this blog, chances are you also follow the Mongol Derby.  It has now wrapped up and the 2016 riders are on their way home for some much needed R&R, but I thought, in the spirit of the Derby, I would re-share my stories from when I went in 2014.

Unfortunately, I chose to withdraw with all my body parts attached… still no regrets, it was the right choice for me at the time.  However, I still managed to have quite the adventure and wrote about it in great detail here.  I am forever thankful to have met such amazing people at this race, people who have become a recurring part of my adventures and who feel close despite living at all the corners of the world.


Without further ado, here are some links!

Arriving in UB –  in his deep Swedish voice, he responded casually “I saw a dead body”

A visit to the Black Market – Sam Jones pretty much orchestrated the whole thing

Pre-race training: In the Classroom – The medics said something about bugs on the steppe who would shoot their eggs into your eyes

PRE-RACE TRAINING ON THE STEPPE – DAY 1 – ABE –  We got to the horse line and it hit me: I had no clue what I was doing.

PRE-RACE TRAINING DAY 2 – BORIS – they were 6-12 year olds who all could outride us in a heartbeat

GETTING TO THE START LINE – I was asked if I wanted a different horse.  No way!  I wanted this jackass

LEG 1: CHIPMUNK – I galloped Chipmunk as fast as he could carry me after the loose horse

LEG 2: (DUD)LEY – to my horror, felt a tug on my head.  I watched my GoPro be WHIPPED TO THE GROUND

LEG 3 – ELECTRO –  I would say “hey, can I ride with you!” but Electro strongly said “Nope” and galloped on

SOMETIMES IT HURTS TO MAKE SMART DECISIONS – Would I get lucky enough to select such an understanding horse 25 more times?

MOVING ON – Mongolians must know the perfect distance from bathroom to civilization to sufficiently ensure no “details” are seen

DAY 3 – PICKING UP GOATS AND SICKIES – Little did she know, the power of Mongolian Dance Yodel was still to come

DAY 4 – BACK TO UB – “What is this?  Tramadol?  Oh its nice!  What is this? Tramadol, Oh its nice!”

DAY 5: RETURN TO THE STEPPES – It tastes like a very tart yogurt mixed with blue cheese.

DAY 5.5 – THE CABIN AND MY GOOD SLEEP – it was very clear that we would not fit in – 18 riders sharing one bitty cabin

DAY 6 – TASTY TREATS AND THE MOUNTAIN PASS – halfway through our dumplings we were told “uhh, its not mushroom…. Its INTESTINE”

DAY 7: CATCHING THE FRONT-RUNNERS & JESS’S CAT FRIEND – they had brought the couch outside the cabin in order to tether the cat to it!

DAY 8 – FINISH CAMP, AND AN UNWELCOME PASSENGER. – Seriously, it was the size of my hand! I batted it off with some sort of “blearghhha!” utterance, and all of a sudden, I was 50 metres up the mountain

DAY 9 – MORE FINISH, AND MORE CAMEL RIDING – Breaking News: Goat wins the Mongol Derby!

THE FINAL DAY OF RIDING, WITH THE BACK OF THE PACK – We weren’t left on the steps this time, all us party vanners were invited up to receive the ceremonial Deel


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