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Fundraising & Apparel

Hi Everyone!  I am Sarah, an Endurance Horseback rider from Ontario  who was selected to ride in an epic adventure: Race the Wild Coast, along the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The race will consist of 350kms over the course of 4-5 days.  To successfully complete this challenge, I will be required to carefully manage 3 horses over difficult terrain, swim river crossings up to 50m with my horses, self-navigate to check points where the horses will have to pass a strict veterinary inspection, and camp out with only 5kg of total gear carried on my back.

Only 25 riders have been selected worldwide to compete in this inaugural event.  As an exciting bonus, the entire thing will be filmed as part of a feature-length documentary.

I am so honored to have been selected to compete in this race, and represent our community of riders and adventurers.  I have successfully paid off most of my fees out of my own pocket but am still a little short of my fundraising goal… which is where you come in!

I hate asking for help, but if you want to throw a few $ encouragement my way while I race, I would be forever grateful!  I even have a few things to give away to make it worth your while too.  Your support helps me get to keep going on these crazy adventures for your reading and viewing pleasure

Race starts at 5:00am South African time on October 22 (Oct 21@ 11pm for my friends and fans in Ontario).  You can follow along at my website which will be posting updates daily!



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