race the wild coast
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Day 1 of Race the Wild Coast

race the wild coast
And they’re off!! Photo credit to RocketHorse Racing.

The weather for the first day of the race was overcast and fairly uneventful. Sarah started off riding Gerber, her nice steady eddy, which was a very good strategic move as although Gerber is not the fastest horse, he is very surefooted and reliable, which came in handy when traversing the incredibly rocky terrain. While other horses were leaping off of the rock ledges, Gerber carefully manoeuvred himself and Sarah quickly, comfortably, and safely and were able to keep up with the other horses. We’ll have to see if she ends up bringing this one back on the plane with her!

race the wild coast
Not Sarah, but take a look at those rock ledges! Photo credit to RocketHorse Racing.

There wasn’t much swimming to do today; just some wading, which Sarah wasn’t complaining about as it was not the warmest day.  Day 2, however, will have more swimming as competitors will have to cross the Umgazana River.

race the wild coast
Photo credit to RocketHorse Racing.

75 kilometers of the course is complete and Sarah is in good spirits. She starts off Day 2 with Gerber and will switch to Ramkat part way through (who, hopefully, is having a better day than he was during pre-race training and keeps his spooking/bucking to a minimum!) 12 of the 13 competitors will continue on to Day 2 as rider Anthony has withdrawn from the race.  Sarah currently sits in 3rd heading into the second day. I will post Day 2 updates as soon as I hear from Sarah.

race the wild coast
Photo credit to RocketHorse Racing.

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