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Jingle All The Way

It all started out last weekend when Sarah and I set out to discover some new trail she had found on Google maps.  When it turned out to be a dead end, we decided to ride down the road a little ways to see if there was another entrance.  As we were riding along, we came across a sign on the trail.


Naturally, curiosity got the best of us and we continued down the road with bets on what could possibly be up ahead. Was it a party or just someone providing motivation for whoever travelled this back road? A few miles up at the next intersection was a sign for Laura’s Christmas Trees in the same font as our motivational sign.  At first this wasn’t very exciting but upon further reflection we put two and two together. Usually Christmas tree farms have hot chocolate and what a nice treat that would be after being out on the trail for a few hours.  We decided that upon getting back home that we could contact them to see if it was ok to bring our horses over for a visit.  Not only were they happy to have us ride the horses over, there was indeed hot chocolate.


Our ride started out innocently enough, with the only goal of the day being to ride to the Christmas Tree Farm. We found a quick way to get from one side of the Dufferin Forest to the other so it took no time at all to get to our destination. We were greeted by lots of smiles and gladly accepted a hot drink. Both Splash and Bentley were very well behaved with the new sights, sounds and people milling about.


Also, fun fact: how fitting that we rode to a Christmas tree farm on Christmas Tree Day. It must be legit because there is an actual Christmas Tree Day Act (https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/15c12)

Upon leaving Laura’s Christmas Tree Farm, we decided to continue down the back road to see where it led to. Seeing snowmobile trail signs, we figured it would lead to a trail system somewhere. Our travels took us down a very wet and muddy road allowance (which unfortunately also seemed to be an illegal dumping ground). Very sad as the area was quite pretty.  We eventually came to a T intersection and could see a trail system on the other side of a fence.  Looking closer, there was a trail on our side of the fence running along the road so naturally, we decided to follow the trail, wondering if there would be a break in the fence.  As we moved down the trail, we noticed that the signs on the fence were in both English and French, leading us to deduce that this must be some sort of government property. A short while later, an army vehicle passed us.  We had ridden all the way to base Borden! Once the trail on our side of the fence ended, we figured it was probably time to start heading home so that we could make it back before dusk.  Looking both ways at one of the intersections we crossed, we saw a little roadside stand, so of course we had to go check it out.


Some children were selling homemade Christmas crafts and more hot chocolate! After refuelling on more hot chocolate and chatting with them and their family, we were on our way again. Finding our way back into the Dufferin Forest, we played around a bit on the trails before making our way home.

For what was supposed to be a relatively calm ride, it was quite exciting and eventful. Even in the off season, it’s never a boring ride!



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